Close up of a woman's hands which are holding a tampon.

5 Misconceptions About Tampons

Whether you’re the mom of a twelve-year-old girl experiencing a period for the first time, or you’re in your forties, patiently awaiting menopause, you likely have a stash of tampons somewhere in your house. While they are an ordinary and everyday product for many, there are a number of misconceptions about tampons.

1. You Can Lose a Tampon Inside

This myth was likely a scare tactic thought up by teenage girls tormenting their peers, but many women still believe that you can lose a tampon inside yourself. Thankfully, this common misconception is false. The vaginal cavity is only a few inches long and ends at the cervix; there’s no possible way for a tampon to get past that point!

2. Don’t Wear a Tampon Overnight

Many women believe that you shouldn’t wear a tampon overnight. As a general rule, tampons should be worn for a maximum of eight hours; if you sleep longer than that, there’s no real danger. Just be sure to remove your tampon as soon as you wake up. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can always choose to wear a maxi pad at night.

3. Tampons Cause Toxic Shock Syndrome

It’s true that tampons are a leading cause of toxic shock syndrome, but it’s a lot less common than you might think. Instead of swearing off tampons in exchange for other feminine hygiene products, just be mindful of the warning signs. If you notice a smell or a rash or you start to experience fever symptoms after wearing a tampon, you should contact your doctor right away.

4. Don’t Change Your Tampon When You Pee

Just because you can leave a tampon in for eight hours, doesn’t mean you should. Ideally, you should change your feminine hygiene products whenever you go to the bathroom to prevent urine and fecal matter from causing infections.

5. Different Tampons Don’t Make a Difference

Research has shown that organic tampons are still capable of causing toxic shock syndrome. However, the natural fibres provide greater comfort and lessen the risk for infections caused by pesticides and chemicals in traditional tampons. Many women prefer organic tampons over scented or bleached products.

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