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Four Benefits of Organic Tampons

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in the demand for organic tampons. Why has this occurred? What are people interested in organic tampons all of a sudden? The questions are simple to answer: organic tampons offer a range of benefits, which can be explained below.

The Four Benefits You Get With Organic Tampons

  1. Organic Tampons Are Better For Your Body
    Typical everyday tampons contain some nasty chemicals, including dioxins and pesticides. Every time you wear one, you are putting your body at risk being affected by these toxins. On the other hand, organic tampons that are made of 100% organic cotton do not put your body at risk of any potentially harmful ingredients. Ergo, organic tampons are better for your body.
  2. Less Risk Of TSS
    TSS (toxic shock syndrome) has sometimes been known to happen when women have an allergic reaction to synthetic tampons and other feminine hygiene products. Organic tampons, made with better materials, carry a much lower risk as it doesn’t have the chemicals that cause the problems in the first place.
  3. Organic Tampons Are Better For The Environment
    Due to the components of organic tampons, they can be easily destroyed compared to regular tampons. Everyday tampons contain harmful chemicals which do not sit well with the environment and therefore, are going to have issues with their breakdown. At the same time, these chemicals can seep into waterways and soil, damaging the ecosystem further.
  4. The Price Won’t Make A Difference
    While there is a conventional thought that organic products cost more than regular products, the difference between organic tampons and everyday tampons is quite low. On average, you pay roughly 22 cents per tampon for regular, while you only pay 29 cents per organic tampon. The difference is so minor that you can pay a little extra for the benefits that organic tampons have to offer.

So next time you consider getting organic tampons, take the chance and buy them. It will make a world of difference to you without you noticing it.

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