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Is it Better to Use Pads or Tampons?

As women, we are all unique, with individual preferences, likes, and dislikes. So naturally, there’s bound to be some differing opinions over the types of feminine hygiene products we use. The truth is, we don’t have to be all the same to be awesome; in fact, our differences are what make us even better! Maxi pads and tampons are both great, offering some unique benefits and a few challenges. If you’re still on the fence, read on to learn about the pros and cons of both options.

The Pros of Tampons

For some women, tampons are life-changing; you might find yourself trying it out and never going back. Most women love that tampons are effective and absorbent, but still small and compact. The fact that you can tuck one in your purse or even your pant’s pocket without anyone noticing is a definite plus! They also offer great freedom of movement and, for the most part, you can’t even feel them. Tampons have quite a few impressive advantages!

The Cons of Tampons

On the other hand, tampons do have a couple of drawbacks; there’s bound to be some, because, let’s face it, you’re on your period and there’s nothing super awesome about that! First of all, one of the benefits of tampons is actually also a drawback. They’re so discreet that you might even forget about them! Leaving a tampon in for too long can lead to some significant health problems including toxic shock syndrome (though it’s a lot less common than you might think) and possibly some accidental leaking. The other disadvantage is that getting the wrong size can result in potentially painful or uncomfortable insertion.

The Pros of Maxi Pads

Maxi pads are another great option for dealing with the bloody mess of your period! They’re usually so absorbent that there is practically zero chance of leaking and staining your cute new undies! Plus, if you’re worried about losing your tampon or forgetting about it, there’s a much lower chance you’ll forget about a maxi pad. You also don’t need to bother with insertion if you find it uncomfortable or inconvenient.

The Cons of Maxi Pads

If you like wearing your favourite and most fun panties during shark week, then pads may not be for you. Most sanitary pads need to stick to a larger surface area, which may constrict you to wearing only granny panties during your menses. They also offer a little less freedom to move, so if you’re an athlete or on the go 24/7, pads are a no-go. Because of their size, they might also be a little more difficult to hide. You may want to avoid wearing leggings because visible pad lines are a thing, and removing the wrapper in the bathroom isn’t necessarily a quiet affair.

It honestly depends on personal preference when it comes to feminine hygiene products. When you’re on the go, you can count on Pad ‘n’ Tampons 2 Go for the best organic tampons and pads. Our feminine hygiene delivery system is customized to meet your life, so you never have to be without the products you need to keep moving. Visit our website to start your subscription today!

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