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The Evolution of Sanitary Pads

The sanitary pad has been in use for thousands for years – in many different forms of course. Over time, the changes started to occur, and they were profound from the beginning. Here is a brief and enlightening breakdown of the evolution of sanitary pads.

A Brief & Essential History Of Sanitary Pads

Ancient Times: Egyptians Lead The Way

Unsurprisingly, it was in Ancient Egypt that the oldest recorded use of sanitary pads appeared where women used papyrus, soaked in the nile. Across the Mediterranean, in Ancient Greece, they used wrapped splinters of wood in cotton as a pad. Sounds painful.

The 1800s: Commercialization Begins

It was in the 1850s that the first feminine hygiene products started to make their way into the mainstream. The first pads were made in France, which were made of wood pulp bandages. It was considered cheap and super disposable. But the commercialization of pads didn’t occur until 1888 in the United Kingdom when Southball Pad released the first disposable pads. Across the pond in the USA, Johnson & Johnson created the Lister’s Towel: Sanitary Towel’s for Ladies in 1896.

The Early 1920s: Entering The Mainstream

Despite the commercialization of pads, they were so expensive, a lot of women could not afford them. Worse, such was the shame, that women had to put money in a box when buying them, so they didn’t have to speak to the clerk. Thankfully, over time, it became commonplace. At the same time, the menstrual belt – basically a period girdle – was used as to hold pads in place for women. On a better note, physician Dr Earle Haas invented the modern-day tampon in 1929.

1969: The Big Year

At the end of the sixties was a big year for feminine products. Stayfree put out the first pads with an adhesive strip, ending the need for menstrual belts (which officially died out in the 1980s). The instant success saw major manufacturers start adding adhesive strips to all sanitary pads.

The 21st Century: Embrace Your Brand Thankfully, in modern times, women have access to a wide selection of pads, maxi pads, and tampons that work for their body needs. You will be able to find the feminine hygiene products to help with your period easier than ever before.

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