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Why You Should Always Try Different Feminine Hygiene Products

Trying out different feminine hygiene products that best fit your needs is extremely important. Inspecting what pads and tampons are the safest and best to use while on your period brings you one step ahead to experiencing a better, cleaner, and safer menstrual experience.

Be Aware Of The Pads & Tampon Brands You Buy

Did you know that there are no federal regulations for feminine hygiene brands to disclose their ingredients for both pads and tampons? Meaning if you were allergic to a specific element that may be in typical pads & tampons you wouldn’t even be able to check or now until use.

The association between toxins and chemicals in our foods and environment are easy to identify, although when it comes to our feminine hygiene products, most of us are unaware that they also contain harmful chemicals. Almost all tampons and pads are made from bleached rayon, cotton and plastics; Industries spend over 2 billion dollars every year just on pesticides that are used on the cotton crops.

The same cotton crops are used to make the pads and tampons that we use every month, making most of the big feminine hygiene brands like Tampax and Playtex unsafe to use.  

How Common Feminine Hygiene Products Harm Your Body

Our vaginas are the most absorbent part of our bodies, and our skin is the largest. Anything that comes in contact with either your vagina or skin is absorbed and directly distributed throughout your body. When a substance has been absorbed through your skin, it doesn’t go through your body’s natural defence system, and this means that all the toxins that are in our pads & tampons (such as bleach and pesticides) are absorbed immediately through our vaginas and down correctly. Most of these ingredients are considered carcinogens and most have not been tested for the proper use of feminine hygiene products.

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This is one of many reasons why women find rashes and discomfort on their periods; some even begin to get infections like Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) which are incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes even fatal. This type of infection It is caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria that gets absorbed into your body by tampons. This may not always be the case, although when it comes to your health, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Pads & Tampons.

After reading about all the cons to using typical pads and tampons you may feel as if there are no other alternatives that are as convenient and cost-effective, but here is one option that has changed the way many women experience their periods. 


The use of organic feminine hygiene products lessens the chance of infections like TSS, irritation, and rashes. Natural feminine hygiene products are free of polluting chemicals and toxins so you won’t have to worry about the side effects that standard pads & tampons have. 


Most people think that switching to organic products is costly, although that is a huge misconception. On average, a regular natural tampon/ pad costs 13.3 cents while a regular Tampax tampon costs between 9 & 17 cents per tampon. A few extra pennies can protect your body and the environment! Organic products are the new wave of promoting our overall health.


There’s also an environmental incentive for using organic pads and tampons. Using one regular pad is equivalent to 4 plastic bags while the natural sanitary protection products are made from the plant of organic cotton, which takes 71% less water and 62% less energy to produce. The use of organicfeminine hygiene products helps protect our farmers and wildlife from the dangerous chemicals that most conventional companies introduce.  


When you’re on the go, you can count on Pad ‘n’ Tampons 2 Go for the best organic tampons and pads. Our feminine hygiene delivery system is customized to meet your life, so you never have to be without the products you need to keep moving. Visit our website to start your subscription today!

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